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“In search of the finest and most cutting edge fashion brands and styles, I found that there are few places on the planet like the land of the rising sun. Japan!

To me, the most fascinating and inspiring country when it comes to innovation, yet still a place with a strong sense of tradition.” – Poyan Rahimzadeh


The story of Big in Japan dates back to the mid nineties, when a young teenager, born in Iran but raised in The Netherlands, went back to visit his home country for the very first time. It was there the youngster first developed his fascination for not only Japan but even more for fashion.


One night would influence him for the rest of his life. That specific night, his uncle took him to a party at a friend’s place. At some point during the night the owner of the house, a real 90’s hipster, stopped the music to give a speech about happiness and life. He ended his monologue with the announcement of his favorite song, the song he wanted to be played at his funeral. To him the best song ever made at that point in time, ‘Big in Japan’ by a German band called Alphaville.


This exact combination of music, fashion and - to him - shocking words, sparked the flame that to this day still burns inside. The flame that ignited a deep passion for a lifestyle, a culture and a country. BIG IN JAPAN.


With over 10 years of experience in international fashion Poyan Rahimzadeh and his brother decided that it was time to start answering to his deepest passion and the many questions asked about hard to find brands from not only Japan but all over the globe. Brands that define Japanese pop culture and lifestyle. Brands that are truly Big in Japan.


Big in Japan brings a carefully selected range of fashion and lifestyle brands to an accessible level. Not only focusing online but also with a unique store concept, ‘Hidden’ in the historic eastside of Amsterdam.





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